Elena Risteska hot Macedonian Singer

Elena Risteska

Hot and beautiful Elena Risteska was born in Macedonia Skopje April 27, 1986, in SFR Yugoslavia (today Macedonia) to parents Acko and Desa. She showed an interest in arts and singing at a young age of 5.It was said that Elena inheriting her musical giftings from her mother. Years  later during her teenage days, Elena went to pursue her hobbies and interests to become a contracted singer. In 1994, she allied the KUD “Koo Racin”, which was a club for folk dance and songs. Elena took allocation in scholastic happenings such as singing in the “Young Imitators” be adjoining upon and becoming a devotee of the the theater club.

In 1996, Risteska made her ever first television debut during the Mak-Karaoke Show drama the ventilate “Flamingo” that was broadcasted in the macedonian  public channel A1. The following year Elena Risteska started studying the English and French languages. She started to sing in the military institute choir and went to Bulgaria for her first tour previously than the folk dance club. In 1998, she took share in many competitions and won many local, national, and international awards in drawing. In 2000, Risteska toured Bulgaria subsequent to the folk dance club behind taking into account more. What a hot and talented macedonian girl. Fap fap faps!

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